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Dr. G. Taru Sharma

Director, National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB) 


Dr. G. Taru Sharma is a distinguished molecular reproductive biologist specializing in stem cell therapeutics for livestock and pets. Holding a doctorate from ICAR-IVRI, she furthered her studies with a Postdoctoral Fellowship at LSU, Baton Rouge, USA, focusing on somatic cell cloning. Dr. Sharma has an illustrious career spanning over 35 years, during which she has made significant contributions to the field through roles such as Principal Scientist at ICAR-IVRI and Research Scientist at Bio-Med.

Her research has led to the developing of a novel 3D microenvironment model, efficient cryopreservation techniques for buffalo germplasm, and advanced applications in stem cell therapeutics. Dr. Sharma has published 141 international research papers and has mentored over thirty M.V.Sc and Ph.D. scholars. She has received numerous awards, including the ICAR-Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award and the Bharat Ratna Dr. C. Subramaniam Award for Outstanding Teachers. Dr. Sharma is also the founder and president of the Animal Physiologists Association and holds esteemed positions in various scientific societies.

Broad Research Areas for HySci 2024

Experience HySci 2024

In the dynamic landscape of scientific exploration, Hyderabad stands as an illustrious hub, renowned as the "Drug Capital of India" and the "Vaccine Capital of the World ". Embracing this legacy, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad  takes pride in organizing the HySci Conference in 2024, an event that continues to propel the city's scientific discourse to new heights.

Born from the collaborative efforts of students, the HySci Conference has evolved into a hallmark event. Initiated by CCMB in 2019, followed by CDFD in 2022, and rejuvenated by NIAB in 2023, HySci has become a beacon for scientific minds in biological domain. In 2024, IIT Hyderabad assumes the responsibility to orchestrate an event that promises to surpass its predecessors in substance and significance. 

True to its roots, HySci remains a conference for the students, by the students. It serves as a melting pot of scientific ideas, bringing together the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds to share visions and discoveries. Through forums like flash talks, oral and poster presentations, and engaging discussions with distinguished experts, HySci 2024 provides a platform for the exchange of novel research ideas and insights into diverse career choices in the scientific realm.

HySci Logo for 2024 

                         ~ Designed by Dhruba J Mech

Our HYSCI event logo is a seamless fusion of biological science symbols, capturing the essence of our exploration into the realms of life sciences.

Each letter in "HYSCI" has been meticulously crafted to represent key elements in the world of biology.

Together, these elements harmoniously unite to form a logo that not only represents the diverse facets of biological science but also conveys the interdisciplinary nature of our HYSCI event. It's a visual testament to our commitment to innovation, discovery, and the collaborative spirit that defines our scientific community.

About IIT Hyderabad

Established in 2008, the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) stands as a premier institution for science and technology in India. Consistently ranked among the top 10 engineering institutes in the country by NIRF, IITH offers undergraduate programs in classical engineering disciplines, applied sciences, design, and interdisciplinary areas. Students enjoy flexibility to explore diverse subjects, pursue minors or double majors, and engage in cutting-edge research for an Honors distinction.

Founded on a culture of research and innovation, IITH boasts a vibrant ecosystem reflected in its numerous patents and publications. Graduate programs at the master's and doctoral levels span technology, design, science, and liberal arts. Encouraging entrepreneurship, IITH offers a minor program in entrepreneurship with courses led by industry experts. The institution collaborates globally, fostering ties with leading academic institutions. With an emphasis on interactive learning, flexible academic structures, cutting-edge research, industry collaboration, and entrepreneurship, IITH provides an environment for translating aspirations into reality.

Department of Biotechnology

In 2010, the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad established its Department of Biotechnology to develop scientific leaders for the evolving technology-driven industry and academia. With 15 faculty members, 6 staff & 100 plus students the department excels in biotechnology research, including Structural Biology, Nanobiotechnology, Microbiology, Cancer Biology, and more. Research spans various model systems, employing molecular biology techniques for healthcare, agriculture, and sustainability challenges. State-of-the-art labs facilitate cutting-edge research, complemented by high-quality teaching in undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. 

Department of Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering division at IIT Hyderabad stands as a hub of interdisciplinary exploration, committed to addressing substantial healthcare dilemmas. Offering vibrant educational pathways for undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral candidates, the department fosters innovation across diverse focus areas. With a team comprising 12 faculty members, 11 support staff, and an expanding student community featuring 35 undergraduates, 27 postgraduates, and over 100 pursuing PhDs, the department is dedicated to pioneering research and education in the dynamic field of Biomedical Engineering.